The group was founded in summer 2019, initiated by lead singer Jutta Nusch aka 'Jutta FOX' and guitarist and singer Peter Nusch aka 'Peter FOX' with the idea of a cover band that primarily plays modern rock and progressive rock from the last 15-20 years - get rid of the old stuff! - Of course, there are also a few outliers from the 'old days', but with modern sounds in a new guise. The band places particular emphasis on clear, accentuated riffs, catchy harmonies, unmistakable anthems, but also melodic songs with depth. Today, the band's repertoire includes classics by JUDAS PRIEST as well as the latest song by METALLICA. Some of the six musicians can look back on over 40 years of stage experience. Fortunately, young talents have also found their way into this formation.
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